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 business valuation boxAs a business owner, the decision to sell is one of the most important events for your company and for you personally. For most business owners the sale or other transition of a business is perhaps the largest financial event that occurs in their lifetime. Unfortunately most small or middle-market business owners do not have an exit strategy and selling at the wrong time or without the right information can substantially affect the sale and the value of the business.

Alliance M&A Advisors was founded in order to provide business owners with the highest level of guidance and representation during the most critical stage of the business life cycle – the divestiture stage. We provide privately held lower middle-market companies with comprehensive merger and acquisition services. You can be confident that your advisor is going to be providing guidance on how to present your company, to whom to market it, how to proceed with any negotiations, how to manage exclusive solicitations and how to structure the transaction.

As a professional M&A advisory firm, we maintain close relationships with many strategic buyers, both domestically and internationally. Our M&A Professionals are experienced in finding optimal buyers and investors for our clients and can help business owners anticipate challenges and understand what needs to be done at every stage of a transaction.

You will come out ahead, both financially and psychologically, when you hire Alliance M&A Advisors to help with the process.  The payoff will come on multiple fronts.  First, we save you tremendous time in talking with buyers, preparing documents, and providing a buffer to allow your business to stay on track during the sale process.  Second, we have experience navigating the sometimes confusing waters of a sale process.  Third, we can broaden the net of potential buyers, which is very important to maximizing the highest probability and highest valuation of a sale.

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