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how to sell a business in barrie

When selling a business there are too many things that can go wrong, too many egos with the potential to be bruised, too many zeroes at stake to negotiate and at times what starts out as promissing relationship with a buyer  may end up as a disaster. That's where we come in with the mission to guide the transaction toward asuccessful conclusion.

Alliance M&A Advisors have the experience valuing and selling businesses and work with clients to confidentially navigate the business sales process. Through our disciplined, tightly managed process, we are able to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing management distraction. Our relationship with private equity and investors, combined with our structured approach to the sale process, will consistently deliver superior results.



The common goals of all our clients are to maximize corporate value and create positive relationships with buyers.  Our Shareholder Value Maximization Process has been developed to asses all the options available to our clients to maximize both their financial and non-financial objectives. We at Alliance M&A Advisors do not take on an engagement we don’t believe will close to the satisfaction of our client, therefore, we accept only a limited number of engagements at any one time. 

Following is an overview of the steps of the process:

1)     Consultation / Evaluation

Our process begins with a simple, no cost or obligation conversation with the company management shareholders.  The goals of the initial conversation are for us to learn about the business, to understand management goals and considerations and for the business owner to learn about our unique Shareholder Value Maximization Process for maximum value.  Another goal at this phase of the process is for both parties to determine if moving forward would be a mutually beneficial step to take. Common ground, trust and chemistry will form the foundation of the working relationship going forward.

2)     Engagement

Once we have agreed on mutual goals and expectations, the client is invited to enter in to full engagement with us. During the engagement phase, we conduct comprehensive research and collect data to perform a valuation and to create marketing materials. The marketing materials are created in conjunction with conversations with the owner and management about current, history and future opportunities of the business.   

3)  Marketing

Our extensive market research identifies the likely Strategic and Financial buyer candidates.  We reach out to buyers to discuss acquisition opportunity by submitting the Teaser Document/Blind Profile.  Then, interested and qualified buyers request the full Descriptive Report, which we then provide in exchange for a fully executed, legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4)     Negotiation & Sale

Our process normally results in multiple interested and qualified buyer prospects resulting in maximum value for our client.  We solicit Indications of Interest (IOIs) from interested buyer candidates which we review with management.  Alliance M&A Advisors then invites parties with high-level of interest and certainty of closing to meetings with management.  We evaluate all options with management, negotiate and coordinate signing of the LOI. We facilitate the flow of information during due diligence and further negotiations – leading to the successful closing.

Alliance M&A Advisors understand the pressure points of the deal and bring a committed, disciplined process with high level of business understanding and experience throughout the process. 




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