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It is common for business owners to devote a substantial amount of energy into building their companies. However, most owners will do so with little to no thought as to what elements in their business will make it more transferable to a future owner. Further, these owners do not personally prepare themselves for a day when they will no longer be working in their businesses. If you are like most business owners, you have devoted an immeasurable amount of work and resources into growing your company. With all that you have invested, doesn’t it make sense to plan an exit from that business that protects the wealth you have accumulated in it?

By establishing a relationship with Alliance M&A Advisors well in advance of any transaction, you will have the opportunity to build value into your company and avoid the common mistakes companies often make as they grow towards a business exit. As you are determining your next move, it can be helpful to use your Advisor as a sounding board.  We will often provide you with insight on how your decisions can affect an eventual sale.

It’s important to understand the exit process and what is involved, along with what potential buyers look for, the questions they are likely to ask, and what they are likely to place a premium value on.  Preparing your company for an eventual sale well in advance of any transaction will result in a much smoother process and less stress for the shareholders and executive team.  Being prepared is especially important when a company is approached with an unsolicited surprise offer.

We regularly advise many of the companies that contact us NOT to sell after we have had an initial discovery conversation.  Instead, we coach them on what the shareholders and executive team need to address in order to get their company in a better position for an eventual sale. Alliance M&A Advisors can assist you with an exit plan which will help your Business gain value and increase your return on investment. Exiting your business is inevitable and even if that time is in the distant future, let us assist you succeed on most important deal of your life — the sale of your company.

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