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Why Seek a Business Coach?

  • Most owners are busy managing people or running the business and have no one to work on growth.
  • Business coaches have an unbiased approach and challenge owners to try new ideas.
  • Coaches have an outside perspective and ideas to increase creativity.
  • Strength and weaknesses are hard to see from the inside.
  • A coach’s job is to push you out of your comfort zone, to where creativity starts.
  • A coach’s main objective is to help you grow your business, not run it for you.

Business coaches have experience in different business models and industries and know where to look for weaknesses; and most important of all, they understand people.

Six Common Causes of Stagnation

Six points based on what I've found in 22 years in the industry

  • 6 Complacency

    A small company is usually a reflection of the owner’s needs, desires, and personality. Some owners have ambition to take over the world, and some are content with making a living. Some just want to golf as much as possible; there’s nothing wrong with that — unless you have a vision that keeps you awake at night.

  • 5 Lack of Measuring System & Control

    This includes quality, service, employees, and problem resolution. A 90 percent customer satisfaction or 95 percent rate will have a significant impact on the size of a company over the long run. Most do not appreciate the compounding effect a five percent difference. Having high standards is not enough. Measuring and controlling the implementation of those standards is vital. Without measures and control, you are constantly replacing lost business.

    It’s difficult to measure performance, especially when employees are considered family. But at the end of the day, after the owner, it’s the employees who are responsible for decline, stagnation, or growth of a company. If there is no measuring system to understand their productivity, then this leaves the company’s performance vulnerable to the employees’ state of mind. How one shows up at work is a rarely asked question. If an employee shows up stressed, the common practice is to make him or her get through the day, not realizing the many unhappy customers who ended up at the other end of his or her stressed and negative energy. Now, imagine this as a common practice in a business. The long-term impact of unmeasured performance is huge. Successful companies have identified this overlooked issue and have provided help for those in need to maintain a balance state of mind.

  • 4 The Customer Attitude

    I could write pages on business lost due to customer attitude. But it’s not the customers’ attitude that cost the company business, it’s company’s attitude toward its customers. The negative impact of regularly dismissing difficult customers as “crazy” and conclude that there is no way to satisfy them, has huge long-term impacts few appreciate. These crazy customers have sane friends who have further connections.

    We took a short survey of lost customers to find their true impact on a business. These rejected clientele did not just switched companies, they also encouraged their family and friends to follow suit. In average, each unsatisfied customer caused the company two more, plus the unknown ripple effect. I do not condone that your employee should take unacceptable behavior from a customer, but if your employees learn how to detect and rectify an issue before it gets out of hand, you’ll be amazed to find a totally different person behind the annoyance. In order to satisfy these labeled patrons, a different mindset is required which few companies are willing to invest on.

  • 3 Stubbornness

    It is stubbornness that helped entrepreneurs get the business off the ground, get through the learning curve, survive the recession, and overcome the many challenges along the way. At some point though, dogmatic adherence to what you know can limit a company’s growth. Policies and strategies need to constantly adapt to changes, required for the realization of the company’s true potential. Owners, CEOs, or managements have adopted a system through years of practice, so changes are usually resisted; not just due to old habits, also the fear of losing control. To some, an outside suggestion is considered an insult. Obstinacy is third on the list, because it leaves the company vulnerable to external environment such as economy, competition, and trend.

  • 2 Loyalty

    “My employees are like family.” I’ve heard this statement a million times, and there is nothing wrong with that at all if the status quo is satisfactory to the owner. But if growth is in the business plan, then the loyalty has to be backed with a vision, inspiration, commitment, and the drive to achieve goals. Otherwise, you’ll end up with just loyal employees who show up and leave on time, while performing only the required amount of work. But if inspired, these loyal employees have the ability and the energy to produce 100 times more, will take initiatives in problem solving, will be creative thinkers, and enhance the workplace environment. No favour is done to employees when their true potential is not realized. It is not that they are unwilling to do more; it is the lack of a vision and guidance.

  • 1 Leadership

    You cannot build a company without the right people; most companies constantly look for new, motivated, goal oriented, and ambitious employees. Since only around 10 percent have these qualities, they are in high demand. Due to this high demand, the new recruits can easily be attracted by better opportunities, so most companies cannot even afford them to begin with.

    The good news is that most companies already have the people with those great qualities. Untapped potential of the current employees is the number one reason of stagnation, which is caused by lack of good leadership. Most companies have authority figures instead of leaders. Since authorities are not influential, they have to invest huge amounts on advertising, recruiting, training, and retaining high performers. Some companies pressure their employees, offer incentives, or in some cases, put their job on the line to make them perform. This approach works on a few, but for the majority of employees, pressure causes mistrust and stress which leads to poor judgement, thus negatively impact on their performance. But there is a better, more effective, fulfilling, and lasting approach few explore. “Invest a fraction on being a great leader, and you will be surrounded with motivated, inspired, creative and remarkable people who will do anything to fulfill your vision.”

How I Can Help

Is your business taking all your time? Are frustrated with your employees? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you thinking of starting a business?

I have helped companies with exponential growth and I’m confident your business has similar potential. My confidence comes from 22 years of experience. Over a decade of flipping businesses that were considered impossible, made me realize that blaming the economy, the industry, the competition, or the ideas were never based on facts; and Eight years of working with multimillion dollars companies helped me discover reasons why they overlook immense potentials right under their nose.

You have worked so hard to establish your business; but after years if the business still depends on your hard work for its survival, then something is wrong.

Most business owners believe they cannot afford the cost of a hiring a business coach; the fact is that their fee can be a fraction of the value they add. I’ve coached management teams, ran leadership programs, and coached business owners.I'm here to help you tap into your potential to help grow your business to where you want it to be.

Medhi Akbary

Read my books, available on Amazon: Breaking Free, Creation of a Monster and Talk Your Mind to Success.


  • It has been a life changing experience working with Mehdi. His simple and effective approach has not just given me the time I never had in 30 years in business for the things I love to do, he also has changed the course of my business. John
  • My management team is infused with the energy and creativity I never thought they had. Mehdi has helped us uncover the motivation and commitment we missed and opened the door to infinite possibilities. Suri
  • Mehdi’s out of the box approach gave us the courage and reasons to execute an idea we had parked for years. His help with its implementation is now responsible for over 20% increase in sales in a short period of time. Will

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