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The strategic and financial value that can be unlocked through business combinations and targeted acquisitions is often compelling. However, to be successful, acquirers must apply a careful and methodical process to ensure that a potential target is a suitable fit and can be integrated to realize on anticipated synergies and strategic opportunities.

Alliance M&A Advisors help our clients in assessing strategic growth as well as identification of suitable acquisition targets. We provide assistance with delicate matters such as crafting a strategy to approach potential acquisition candidates and negotiating the terms and structure of a potential transaction.

Our representation of strategic and financial acquirer’s transactions includes:

  • Strategic analysis of a potential acquisition
  • Rigorous prospect screening
  • Approaching targeted prospects
  • Valuation of acquirer and prospect
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Managing due diligence
  •  “Coaching” counterparties to maximize transaction outcome



1)     Strategic Objectives

Our process begins with a meeting and conversation with the management to understand target acquisition goals. Another goal at this phase of the process is for both parties to determine if moving forward would be a mutually beneficial step to take. Common ground, trust and chemistry will form the foundation of the working relationship going forward.

2)     Targeting

Once we have agreed on mutual goals and expectations, the client is invited to enter in to full engagement with us. During the engagement phase, Alliance M&A Advisors conduct comprehensive search to ensure best targets are identified, narrow list to candidates with greatest strategic value and reach out to targets to gather more information and gauge level of interest.

3)     Negotiation / Closing

Alliance M&A Advisors perform diligence to minimize risk and enhance perspective on strategic opportunity, provide valuation guidance and draft offer and assist in negotiations leading to the closing.

Alliance M&A Advisors analyze the strategic and financial rational of proposed transactions and assist our clients in identifying, evaluating and executing acquisitions that generate exceptional value.




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